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The moorFLPI-2 blood flow imager uses the laser speckle contrast technique to deliver real-time, high-resolution blood flow images, providing outstanding performance in a wide range of pre-clinical and clinical research applications.

Unique user-friendly features offered by the ergonomically designed scan head and (NEW for 2017) V5 software promote a smooth workflow and enable the high through-put required to scan cohorts quickly and accurately.

Advanced analysis functions help you to draw sound conclusions from your blood flow images.

moorFLPI-2 highlights include;

  • Image any exposed tissue (skin or surgically exposed tissues) and species.
  • Three measurement modes with flexible sampling rates (spatial, temporal and sliding window algorithms) to optimise your data for frame rate, spatial resolution and file size.
  • Best spatial resolution of 10 microns per pixel.
  • Real-time video frames rates.
  • Image areas range from 5.6mm x 7.5mm to 15cm x 20cm with a unique, motorised optical zoom and auto focus.
  • Colour photo and blood flow images from a unique single camera, RGB illumination system. Images precisely match, pixel for pixel.
  • Compact design with flexible stand options for clinic or laboratory.
  • Unique automation of pressure cuff, tissue heating and iontophoresis protocols with full automated reporting ease workflow and improve accuracy

Please contact us, to discuss your specific application requirements with a Moor product specialist. Ask to see the new system in action, evaluate it at your own facility.

Please click here for an informative landmark article in the Institute of Physics publication, OLE (Optics and Lasers Europe). The article gives some background to the Full Field technique and offers a comprehensive history, from early beginnings to the current developments at Moor Instruments. Comments are featured from Dr David Briers, the originator of the speckle technique. 

  • "It goes without saying that the company's imaging technology itself is superb!..."

    Gourav BanerjeeLeeds Beckett University

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  • "I cannot rate the company or the staff highly enough...."

    Jim House, PhDUniversity of Portsmouth

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  • "We can't recommend Moor instruments highly enough. The technology is at the cutting edge and the support second to none...."

    Paul Sumners, PhDLondon South Bank University

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  • "We have found Moor equipment to be extremely dependable and innovative...."

    Dean L. Kellogg, Jr., MD, Ph.DUniversity of Texas Health Science Center

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  • "I expect to be using Moor Instrument’s technology for many years to come!..."

    Faisel Khan, PhDNinewells Hospital & Medical School

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  • "Moor Instruments have consistently provided excellent help and support for my research...."

    Kim Gooding, PhDUniversity of Exeter Medical School

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  • "In a nutshell, moorFLPI-2 is the most user-friendly system for studying cerebral blood flow regulation in rodents...."

    Chia-Yi (Alex) Kuan, MD, PhDEmory University School of Medicine

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  • "Laser Doppler Imager is a standard accurate method we now use in our cerebral blood flow and brain perfusion in our laboratory...."

    Momoh A. Yakubu, PhDTexas Southern University

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